Salary Negotiation

Congratulation for those who are all selected in interview process and waiting for salary negotiation on behalf of HRMAILID.COM. we are giving few tips on how to negotiate salary in smart ways.

You should be very careful on choosing new salary package. since we see many people are getting dissatisfied or disappointed at this level even though they successes in interview process. it might be easy to yes on whatever company is offering. but, first it is matter about location where your are going to stay and your current CTC.

You must impress your hiring boss beside screening him your esteem gracefully. there could be n number of reasons to reject your demand. but be careful on your word and keep on put your gracefulness towards him. It long for additionally present to you are pleasing this opinion seriously.

Few points to remember,

  1. Don’t speak about salary before employer talk about it.
  2. Be clear on what your expectation before entering.
  3. Valuate additional benefits which they are offering beyond salary.
  4. Don’t underestimate your self.
  5. Keep calm and take your own time to evaluate before accepting.

For example, read this following smart conversation between employer and employee.

Employer: Hi.. Suresh, how much salary are you looking for..??

Employee: Well, I am at this point on behalf of two reasons. Firstly, this organisation is superb and functioning at powerful spirit certainly enhance my skills moreover confidence. Secondly, I desire maintain a reliable job. I undergo researched instead of this attitude furthermore in the role of offer my knowledge, the salary open representing this job is close to Rs 6,00,000 -rs 7,00,000 CTC per annum. I would also indicating such range.

Employer: Well, we are impressed among your permit along with pardon. salary would you be expecting representing this position?

Employee: We shall work together and make your best choice. Currently, I am earning Rs 6,00,000 per annum. furthermore primarily looking instead of on slight increment to Rs 7,20,000 (which is 20% of current CTC).

Employer: Oh it too costly to bear from our side.

Employee: Shifting whole family here and meet out daily expenses could have more expensive then what i am demanding. hence consider the distance.

Looping family situation here at last point, will make them to think again.

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