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In the forests of Burma, the curiosity of a younger man changed into evoked as he watched villagers feeding the roots of a nearby herb to calm a herd of agitated elephants.
That guy changed into Mr. M. Manal, the founding father of Himalaya, and that herb was Rauwolfia Serpentina, the inspiration that led to the introduction of Serpina®, the sector’s first herbal antihypertensive drug, launched in 1934.

Mr. Manal’s dream of discovering the mysteries of nature started out inside the year 1930. Fascinated by means of the residences of Rauwolfia Serpentina, he become determined to convey into humans’s lives the promise of nature’s recuperation strength harnessed through clinical research.
Eighty-nine years later, this imaginative and prescient has translated into Himalaya’s task of touching human beings’s lives with the promise of Wellness in each Home and Happiness in every Heart.
Inspired by means of Mr. Manal’s unwavering dedication and passion, we have weaved a close relationship with nature and have evolved a wealthy records of research spanning over eight many years.

Himalaya started its journey at a time when natural products were regarded with skepticism. But, our founder had company perception in the energy of nature’s goodness. He was convinced that humans would percentage his belief if the blessings of herbs and flowers have been researched and analyzed thru technological know-how and have been established to be secure and effective although empirical proof. Braving all odds, he continued with a staunch spirit to realise his goals. Pawning his mother’s bangles, he sold a hand-operated tableting device.

The one-guy revolution that began in 1930 with a small-scale operation in Dehradun
transformed into a international healthcare answer that has added the happiness of a more fit life to millions of humans around the globe. In 1975, we set up a complete-fledged, ultra-modern Research and Development Center and manufacturing facility in Makali, Bengaluru, India.