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    Kanakashree Agro is India’s biggest sugar refiner and ethanol maker situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, with refining limit of 4000 tons/day and refinery limit of 600 kilolitre/day. It has 21% piece of the pie in India’s fuel ethanol showcase and has a forceful development design of expanding its ethanol creation ability to 900 kilolitre/day by Dec 2009. It likewise represents 20% of India’s global sugar t

    The Company works in the accompanying sections:


    The Company works eleven factories all around with an aggregate pulverizing limit of 20.7 million tons for each annum (MTPA) or 94,520 tons pounded every day (TCD). The Company works seven sugar processes in India with an aggregate squashing limit of 7.1 MTPA or 35,000 TCD and two port based sugar refineries with limit of 1.7 MTPA. The Company additionally has huge nearness in South Brazil, through acquisitions of Renuka Vale do Ivai and Renuka do Brasil. Renuka Vale do Ivai was procured on nineteenth March 2010 and is 100% possessed by the Company. The Company as of now holds 59.4% value stake in Renuka do Brasil which was procured on seventh July 2010. The consolidated smashing limit of the Brazilian auxiliary organizations is 13.6 MTPA. The Company is the main sugar maker all around with all year squashing because of reciprocal seasons in India and Brazil.

    White Refined Sugar


    The Company makes fuel review ethanol that can be mixed with oil. Worldwide refinery limit is 6,240 KL every day (KLPD) with Indian refinery limit at 930 KLPD (630 KLPD from molasses to ethanol and 300 KLPD from amended soul to ethanol) and Brazil refinery limit at 5,310 KLPD.

    KBK Chem-Engineering (100% auxiliary) encourages turnkey refinery, ethanol and bio-fuel plant arrangements.

    Ethanol – Sugar by item


    The Company produces control from bagasse (a sugar stick by item) for hostage utilization and deal to the state network in India and Brazil. Add up to Cogeneration limit expanded to 555MW with exportable overflow of 356 MW. Indian tasks create 242 MW with exportable excess of 135 MW and Brazilian activities deliver 313 MW with exportable overflow of 221 MW.

    The Company’s quality in the biggest sugar creating nation, Brazil and the biggest sugar devouring nation, India gives access to data on developments in market cost and the know-how of the worldwide supply-request circumstance. The Company’s

    Cogenerated Power from Sugar fabricating Process

    activities in Brazil are supported by low working cost, high versatility and exceptionally helpful climatic conditions. The Company’s Indian activities are available in sugar rich belt of South and West India, guaranteeing high sugarcane yields and sugar recuperation from stick. The deliberately found port-based refineries in Gujarat and West Bengal conditions of India cover India, South Asia and Middle-East markets intensely.

    The Company has seen a solid Revenue CAGR of 55% and EBITDA CAGR of 58% from FY2006 to FY2012. The solid monetary execution has guaranteed reliable returns for investors with a normal Return on Equity of approx. 20% from FY 2006 to FY 2012. The Company’s solid Management group has conveyed reliably to guarantee development through effective culmination of vital acquisitions.

    The offers of the Company are recorded on the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE)

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