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Current Job Vacancies at Cyient

Current vacancies at Cyient Recruitment – Click Here

Cyient is an Indian company focused on engineering, networks and operations. It has 12,000+ employees across 38 global locations as of March 2014. The company features among the top 30 outsourcing companies in the world.

From quieter flights and safer train rides to more reliable energy supply, we strive to provide comprehensive solutions that help our clients achieve their operational and business goals. To us, problems are an opportunity to use our extensive global experience and industry knowledge creatively to help our clients do more-we make them more capable, more flexible, and more competitive.

Founded in 1991, Cyient provides engineering, manufacturing, geospatial, network, and operations management services to global industry leaders. We deliver innovative solutions that add value to businesses through the deployment of robust processes and state-of-the-art technology. Our high quality products and services help clients leverage market opportunities and gain the competitive advantage.

To ensure streamlined efficiency and seamless operations, we have key centers at strategic locations across the globe.
Cyient binds people, knowledge, and innovation to help clients, industry stakeholders, and the global communities we serve achieve sustainable growth.

For over 25 years, we have carefully built and nurtured an ecosystem that resonates with our clients’ cultures, encourages innovation, and maintains excellence in execution. Our belief in human ingenuity, along with a constant focus on excellence, has resulted in over 50 patents and millions of hours in productivity savings for our clients.

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