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    English Indian Clays Ltd., an organization consolidated in India, was a piece of the recent Thapar Group. The organization was consolidated in 1963 in specialized and money related coordinated effort with English China Clays Ltd., U.K, the pioneer and the then world pioneer in kaolin handling. This joint effort with ECC stopped in the year 1992.

    EICL has two key divisions, viz., “earth” and “starch”. The Clay Division, having three assembling  locations in Kerala, has practical experience in mining and handling of top of the line kaolins.

    The Starch Division has two assembling units, one situated at Yamunanagar, Haryana, producing starch and its derivatives, and the other situated at Shimoga only gaining practical experience in the make of significant worth included modified starches for different modern applications.

    The Starch Division was begun under the name of Bharat Starch Industries in the year 1937. It was in this manner assumed control by English Indian Clays Ltd. in the year 2002.

    Consistently, we gain the benefit of being a favored arrangements supplier to uncommonly fruitful clients. For more than 50 years EICL has served such clients over a scope of enterprises. What began as a vertical coordination answer for paper, at that point stretched out to Paint, Ink, Ceramics, Tires, Fiberglass and even Power Transmission Cables.

    We take normal crude assets and convert them to genuine investment funds for our clients. We manufacture long haul associations with them to comprehend their difficulties and grow genuine arrangements that address these issues. To date, the greater part of our answers are gotten from kaolin earth. That is exactly where we have been. We are upbeat to associate the correct crude material or mineral to your application.

    EICL is a piece of Karan Thapar Group of Companies. Our sister organizations incorporate Premium Transmissions Ltd, a maker of gearboxes, outfitted engines and liquid couplings crosswise over four of its plants in India and Greaves Cotton Ltd, an expanded designing organization fabricating an extensive variety of modern items including diesel/petroleum motors and gensets.

    Imagine a scenario where we disclosed to you that we don’t offer lifetime work. Imagine a scenario where we disclosed to you that we might want to consider you for a Tour of Duty with EICL.

    We completely perceive, even praise that you are caught up with scripting an incredible tale. Come converse with us. How about we find whether for a couple of energizing years, the tale of EICL and a mind-blowing account are associated together as the business develops productively. Obviously, as we find new business openings and you are interested by another Tour of Duty with us – Sign On.

    We trust that your time with us is a series of Tours of Duty where you develop as the organization develops. EICL is an inventive claim to fame synthetic substances organization with a rich history, demonstrated reputation and energizing future.

    Come, reveal to us an amazing narrative.