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G E Shipping owes its fulfillment to the foresightedness of households – the Sheths and the Bhiwandiwallas, who started out their own transport line to assist make bigger the attain in their buying and selling businesses. In 1948, after obtaining the mothballed Liberty deliver, SS Fort Elice, G E Shipping began its maiden voyage beneath the entrepreneurial genius of Vasant J. Sheth and suggested beforehand expectantly, tasting new waters and exploring new avenues. From presenting sea-logistics aid in its initial years to venturing in tramp shipping, to diversifying into offshore oil field services, lots in opposition to the enterprise norms, the agency has frequently swum against the tide and in the system, turned the tides in its favour, thereby laying a path for others to observe.

The Great Eastern Shipping Company Limited is India’s largest private sector shipping company which mainly transports liquid, gas and solid bulk products. The company has two main business, shipping and offshore. The shipping business is involved in transportation of crude oil, petroleum products, gas and dry bulk commodities. The offshore business; services the oil companies in carrying out offshore exploration and production activities through its wholly owned subsidiary Greatship (India) Limited.

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