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Career at HDIL – career@hdil.in

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HDIL All India 91 22 67888000

Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited,  is a listed real estate development company in India, with significant operations in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. HDIL’s business focuses on Real Estate Development, including construction and development of residential projects and, more recently, commercial and retail projects, Slum Rehabilitation and Development, including clearing slum land and rehousing slum dwellers, and Land Development, including development of infrastructure on land which the company then sells to other property developers.

An environment that stimulates, a culture that offers opportunities, a threat to develop and make contributions to our increase, is what you may expect at HDIL.
At HDIL, we accept as true with that the standards we set, the demanding situations we offer and the openness of our working environment are as important to an individual’s development as his or her own skills.
True to our credo ‘Creating price’, we goal to provide a enormously supportive surroundings, with all of the inputs personnel want to broaden their information, skills and mind-set. Nurturing, within the process, folks who will realise their full potential whilst also achieving the enterprise’s imaginative and prescient.
We make certain sufficient studying opportunities and experiences throughout numerous initiatives with the satisfactory qualified professionals in the enterprise. It’s part of our consistent endeavour to attract, broaden, motivate and retain a numerous and dedicated group of experts, getting to know and developing with HDIL.
So if you are younger, with bold desires and the determination to acquire them, mail your resume to profession@hdil.In. Identify your personal ability sets and attributes that would make contributions to HDIL’s boom. And we’ll identify a position and profession direction for you, as quickly as viable.

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