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    The Company was consolidated in July 1983 for the sake of Swaraj Vehicles Limited.

    Joint Venture and Technical Assistance finished up between Punjab Tractor Ltd., Mazda

    Engine Corporation, Japan and Sumitomo Corporation, Japan . SVL renamed Swaraj Mazda Ltd.

    This Code is pertinent to every one of the Directors of the Company and its Senior Management work force which incorporate every practical head and some other administration staff with direct answering to a Board part (hereinafter alluded to as “Senior Management” ).

    Every single Director and Senior Management Personnel is relied upon to conform to the letter and soul of this code, to the degree pertinent to him.

    Administrative COMPLIANCES

    In completing their obligations and duties, Directors and Senior Management are required to guarantee consistence with every single appropriate law, tenets and controls important to the Company.

    Trustworthiness, INTEGRITY and ETHICAL CONDUCT

    Each Director and Senior Management work force must:

    (I) Represent the enthusiasm of the investors of the Company;

    (ii) Exhibit elevated requirements of genuineness, trustworthiness, responsibility and freedom of thought and judgment;

    (iii) Dedicate satisfactory time, vitality and thoughtfulness regarding guarantee the constant execution of his/her obligations including attempting every single sensible exertion to go to Board of Committee Meetings; and

    (iv) Comply with each arrangement of this Code.


    The rule of trustworthiness reaches out to issues of secrecy of data. Executives and Senior Management are required to keep up the secrecy of all material non-open data identifying with the Companys business and undertakings that they get or end up aware of regarding the Companys business, while proceeding in that capacity and even subsequent to stopping to be such a chief or representative for a sensible time of state three years aside from when exposure is approved or legitimately ordered. Secret data incorporates all non-open data that may partiality the capacity of the Company to seek after its targets, to be useful to contenders or damage the Company, whenever uncovered.

    Chiefs and Senior Management must not utilize private data for their own preference or benefit specifically or in a roundabout way.

    Irreconcilable situations

    An irreconcilable situation exists where the interests or advantages of the Company are in strife with those of an individual/business element. Chiefs and Senior Management are required to save, secure and advance the interests of the Company through their direct and acts guaranteeing in the process that their own advantages and additionally interests of their nominators would be sub-servient to the interests of the Company. As such, the enthusiasm of the Company would be central for all concerned.

    Executives and Senior Managements obligation to the Company requests that he/she stays away from and uncovers genuine and clear irreconcilable circumstances. Brief rule in such manner is given underneath:

    A. Work/Outside business: regarding work with the Company, Whole time Directors and Senior Management are relied upon to dedicate their complete consideration to the business interests of the Company. They ought to stay away from any relationship, impact, or movement that may disable, or even seem to disable, their capacity to settle on target and reasonable choices when playing out their activity. Organization strategies forbid Employees from tolerating concurrent work with providers, clients, designers or contenders of the Company, or from participating in any movement that upgrades or backings a contender’s position.

    B. Outside directorships and work: It is an irreconcilable circumstance to fill in as a Director of whatever other association which is doing the comparative business in which the Company is locked in. Executives and Senior Management should initially get endorsement from the Company’s Board of Directors before tolerating a directorship of such an association.

    C. Related gatherings: when in doubt, Whole time Directors and Senior Management ought to abstain from leading Company business with a relative, or with a business in which a relative is related in any critical job. Relatives incorporate guardians, mate and youngsters.

    D.Payments or endowments from others: Whole time Directors and Senior Management will neither get nor offer or make, straightforwardly or by implication, any unlawful installments, compensation, blessings, gifts or equivalent advantages which are proposed to or saw to get business or uncompetitive favors for the lead of its business.However, they may acknowledge and offer ostensible blessings, which are usually given.

    E. Corporate chances: Directors and Senior Management will not abuse for their very own gain the open doors that are found using corporate property, data or position, without earlier complete honesty by them and assent immediately from the Board of Directors of the Company.

    Irreconcilable situations may not generally be obvious. Any inquiry hence about a Whole-time Director/Director’s/Senior Management’s genuine or potential irreconcilable circumstance with the Company ought to be conveyed instantly to the consideration of the Chairman of the Board, who will survey the inquiry and decide a legitimate game-plan, including whether thought or activity by the full Board is essential.


    Entire time Director and Senior Management work force ought to play out their obligations in a way that secures the Company’s advantage and guarantees their proficient use. The Company’s advantages ought to be utilized for real business purposes.

    Revealing ANY ILLEGAL OR UNETHICAL Behavior

    Executives/Whole-time Directors/Senior Management work force are urged to speedily contact the Chairman of the Board or the Compliance Officer if illicit or deceptive conduct by a representative, officer or chief, or by any one indicating to follow up for the Company’s sake or any infringement or conceivable infringement of this Code is watched. Secrecy will be kept up, to the degree allowed by Law.


    Executives and Senior Management ought to watch every single appropriate law and directions for counteractive action of insider exchanging including the Company arrangements an

    Customary dressed in 1983, Swaraj Mazda Limited, by Chandigarh, India based auto company, is owned beside the Sumitomo Corporation of Japan along with Punjab Tractors inadequate of India, along with a precise collaboration plus Isuzu also Mazda of Japan. Sumitomo upped its stake taking part in the concert party at home 2009 by means of purchasing the whole of Punjab Tractors’ left behind shares, raising their stake in the direction of 53.5%[1] as soon as certain worry making modish 1985, string construction began happening 1986.

    The crowd manufactures entertaining industrial vehicles approximating trucks, buses, ambulances, police force personnel carriers, hose tankers plus distinctive vehicles.