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Lava International was established in 2003 as Pacetel Communications. In 2009, the company was renamed Lava International. The company launched the world’s first Intel chip-based smartphone. It was founded by Hari Om Rai, Sunil Bhalla, Shailendra Nath Rai and Vishal Sehgal.

A solid culture is the thing that isolates extraordinary organizations from those that die at some point or another. As everything else, be it a development or any innovation, it very well may be approached, if not bettered. Building a solid culture by working with extraordinary, similarly invested individuals and having a solid foundation of frameworks and cycles to empower the imagined culture is our most elevated need.

Nothing in nature, in the case of living or idle, exists for the wellbeing of its own. All that exists to serve some different option from itself. The sun, the air, the earth, each tree, creature or even regular assets are instances of this. The more prominent its commitment to other people, the more noteworthy is the force that is offered to it. As individuals, at the littlest level, we exist for our close families. As we permit the sweep to grow, it covers the bigger network that we are a piece of, and in the end we exist for the entirety of mankind. The more number of individuals we sway, the more noteworthy is the force that we get from the universe. It is the basic law of nature.

It is the cognizant comprehension of this straightforward general rule that shapes the center reason for Lava – “To engage individuals to accomplish more, to be more.” This incorporates all partners – buyers, accomplices, representatives, investors and society all in all.

Outside conditions are pretty much the equivalent for everybody, so it makes sense that the primary distinction among progress and disappointment is absolutely inside. For the individual, the interior factor is their character, and for the aggregate, it is culture, which involves the mutual convictions, practices and activities of a gathering of individuals. Magma follows a conviction framework that the sky is the limit when considered with clearness and sought after with duty, conviction, center and assurance. It is communicated as – Create Possibilities. While conviction frames the establishment of a culture, values are its columns. For Lava, these columns are based on the announcement of “make the wisest decision and do it right”, which are showed into our estimations of trustworthiness, energy for greatness and flexibility.

Unflinching adherence to high good and expert guidelines. We ought to have similar characteristics that we look for from others, to be of an incentive to other people. It is from this reason that we have embraced the estimation of respectability, which is basically about doing the privilege things.Intense astuteness to extend the constraints of significance in all that we do. The craving to delve into the subtleties to accomplish the best expectations of value with most extreme effectiveness so we can accomplish incredible things, together. Greatness is a consistent pattern of thorough arranging, execution and measurement.The capacity to rapidly advance in light of evolving conditions. Having the modesty to genuinely comprehend the rule of consistent change, alongside the deftness to rapidly advance and adjust to it, is vital for endurance.

Sunil Bhalla

Fellow benefactor and Director


Shailendra Nath Rai

Fellow benefactor and Director


Vishal Sehgal

Fellow benefactor and Director


Begun in 2009 | 30,000+ individuals | Most Trusted Brand in India

Magma International Limited is a main Mobile Handset Company in India and has extended its activities to different nations over the world. Directly from its initiation Lava has been at the front line of building a solid biological system of plan and assembling of versatile handsets. The organization has been building versatile handset plan capacity including modern plan, mechanical plan, equipment plan and programming plan. In accordance with the Govt. of India’s ‘Make in India’ activity, Lava has taken a lead on the side of this significant country building program and has just set up a plan group in India, turning into the first to do as such in the nation. With this ‘Plan in India’ activity, Lava is currently the main Mobile handset organization that makes genuinely “Make In India” telephones with full oversight on plan and assembling inside India. Magma was likewise positioned as the ‘Most Trustworthy Brand’ in the CMR Retail Sentiment Index 2018.

Magma items are accessible through a cross country retail organization of 1.65 Lakh retailers who thus are legitimately served by more than 1000 wholesalers. Magma’s after deals administration network is one of the biggest in the nation with near 800+ expertly oversaw administration fixates zeroed in on speed and nature of administration.

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