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    SAS Motors Limited (Angad) is an open constrained organization consolidated from April 2003 with the mission of making minimal effort cultivate motorization innovation accessible to Indian ranchers. Its lead item is ‘Angad’ 240 D tractor. The organization is occupied with sourcing, gathering, assembling, and showcasing of ‘Angad’. SAS Motors additionally gives a scope of horticultural hardware

    A review demonstrates that 90% of the purchasers of ‘Angad’ tractors are first time proprietors of the tractor; this is interestingly with the tractor business situation where around half of the business originate from the substitution showcase.

    SAS Motors Limited fused in April 2003 with the crucial creation ease automation innovation is accessible to the Indian Farmers. Its lead item is ‘Angad Diesel Hal’ – a sex amicable all out answer for motorization of little homesteads, that can furrow, seed, de-weed, shower, water with the necessary coordinating adornments. The organization is occupied with assembling and showcasing of ‘Angad Diesel Hal’. SAS Motors likewise gives a scope of multi utility rural hardware and work vehicles.

    The Brand – Angad

    The significance of Angad:

    “Angad” originates from the Sanskrit signifying “Of my own body”.

    As per Hindu Mythology, Angad, the child of Vali, planted his foot immovably on the ground of Ravana’s court and moved anyone in the court to evacuate his foot. None of the evil spirits introduced in the court were effective in lifting his leg.

    “Angad”, in Punjab, additionally alludes to the one cast in his own form and filled by his own light; a genuine some portion of his own being. Other than that, Guru Angad Dev Ji was the second of The Ten Gurus of Sikhism, had his unique name as Bhai Lehna. Master Nanak gave him the name “Angad”.

    “Angad” speaks to something solid, that can’t be removed and gives a sentiment of being one’s own part. These beginnings mirror the hidden vision behind Angad to give minimal effort and reasonable automation to the Indian rural part. By conflicting with regular instilled mentalities and perspectives, Angad has gotten a new way to deal with rustic building by making inventive items that address the necessities of ranchers at costs they can without much of a stretch manage.

    Angad – Success story:

    Propelled in Nov ’04, ‘Angad’ has been all around acknowledged by the ranchers. In excess of 5000 quantities of ‘Angad’ farm trucks are running in the Indian soil right now.Survey shows that 90% of the purchasers of ‘Angad’ work vehicle are first time proprietor of farm truck; this is in sharp appear differently in relation to the farm hauler industry situation where about half of the business originate from the substitution market.

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