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Torrent Power is one of the leading manufacturers within the Indian electricity zone, promoted by using the Rs. 21500 Crore Torrent Group – committed to its project of reworking lifestyles via serving two of the maximum important needs – healthcare and electricity. It is an incorporated energy utility and is one of the biggest personal zone players in India having pursuits in strength technology, transmission, distribution and production and deliver of strength cables.

Torrent Power foresaw the potentialities in the electricity area an awful lot before the liberalization, while it took-over and efficaciously became round an ailing electricity cable corporation Mahendra Electricals, renaming it as ‘Torrent Cables Ltd.’ (now merged with Torrent Power Limited w.E.F. 1st April, 2014). The high points of Torrent’s foray into electricity but had been the acquisitions of of the India’s oldest utilities – The Surat Electricity Company Ltd and The Ahmedabad Electricity Company Ltd. Torrent grew to become them into superb energy utilities, in terms of operational efficiencies and reliability of electricity deliver.

Torrent ranks amongst the high-quality run energy utilities in the usa with exceedingly efficient technology property. It has a portfolio of coal based totally, gasoline based and renewable power plant life with an mixture era potential of 3879 MW. The fuel primarily based flowers of the Company own greater environmental value with nation of the art era and in-constructed performance enhancing design capabilities.

The Company distributes electricity to over three.Sixty five million clients yearly in its distribution regions of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat and Dahej SEZ and Dholera SIR (Gujarat), in Bhiwandi, Shil, Mumbra and Kalwa (Maharashtra) and in Agra (Uttar Pradesh). The T&D loss in license regions of the Company is among the lowest within the u . S .. The Company offers highly personalised and progressive purchaser services that incorporate various comfort functions.

Torrent Power created history by using moving into the country’s first distribution franchisee agreement with Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited for Bhiwandi Circle in December 2006. In 2009 it become presented the distribution franchise for Agra in Uttar Pradesh. The considerable reduction in AT&C losses in both Bhiwandi and Agra is an affidavit of Company’s operational efficiency. During FY 19 the Company was offered distribution license for Dholera Special Investment Region (Gujarat) and distribution franchise for Shil, Mumbra & Kalwa (SMK) place (Maharashtra)

From establishing a prominent presence in the generation zone thru thermal and renewable technology – to creating a link to the distribution utilities thru an powerful transmission network – to attaining the stop customer with uninterrupted strength deliver and 24X7 client care initiatives via its distribution community, Torrent Power has validated its mettle as an integrated strength utility.

The Company is also devoted to the motive of social carrier and is again and again channelizing a part of its resources and sports, such that it definitely influences the society. As a part of its CSR initiatives, the Company makes concentrated efforts within the fields of Community Healthcare, Sanitation & Hygiene, Education & Knowledge Enhancement and Social Care & Concern.

Torrent Power has presence in strength generation, transmission, distribution and manufacturing and deliver of electricity cables. Its noticeably efficient technology property and equally reliable distribution community are among the first-class inside the united states. Through continuous generation upgradation and patron care initiatives, Torrent Power maintains to deliver superior cost. For the clients in its license regions, disruption in existence because of energy screw ups or outages is an extraordinary phenomenon, way to its incredible operational performance.

Torrent Power has an aggregate generating capacity of 3879 MW with a completely unique blend of coal based, gas based totally, and renewable energy plants that use distinctly efficient strength era technology.

Torrent Power operates 249 km and one hundred and five km 400kV double circuit transmission traces applied via it, for evacuating energy generated at SUGEN and DGEN plant to diverse off-take centres.

The Cables Unit manufactures Power & Control Cables and is one of the marketplace leaders in HT Power Cable segment with a manufacturing functionality of up to 132 kV XLPE Cables.

The Company distributes strength to over three.65 million clients within the towns of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Dahej SEZ and Dholera SIR in Gujarat; Bhiwandi, Shil, Mumbra and Kalwa in Maharashtra and Agra in Uttar Pradesh.

“Think of others additionally, while you think about your self”. With this philosophy of Founder Chairman Mr. U. N. Mehta, Torrent Group makes focused efforts thru its CSR sports to undoubtedly impact the society. Torrent strongly believes that the sustainability of any business is directly associated with the properly-being and improvement of the society in which it’s miles embedded. Through its diverse CSR projects, it endeavours to give returned to the society, for all the care, help and encouragement being bestowed upon it.

Torrent Group concentrates its efforts diligently inside the regions of:

Community Health care, Sanitation and Hygiene,
Education and Knowledge Enhancement,
Social Care and Concern
The CSR activities are mainly constrained on the locations wherein Group’s headquarters is situated and places in and around its operations in order that the twin objectives of service to the neighbourhood & the community along side regarding the character & collective will and efforts of the Torrent Family may be completed.

U.N.Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Centre (UNMICRC)
UNMICRC is a ultra-modern cardiac medical institution at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) in which cardiac remedy is rendered to all instructions of cardiac patients particularly the poorest of terrible. Free Cardiac treatment is furnished to Gujarat Domiciled kids and Patients from the socially & economically weaker strata. Over the years, Torrent has furnished huge economic contribution which has been used for building a 200 bed health facility first of all and for growth to 450 bed facility eventually. Apart from Hospital Infrastructure development, Torrent’s Patient Care Initiative Programme at UNMICRC has resulted in effective provider delivery and better clinic control.

REACH – the Paediatric Healthcare Programme
REACH i.E. Reach EAch CHild is a Child Health Centric Initiative by using Torrent Group especially directed at prevention of baby health issues thru proactive grassroot interventions and offering corresponding diagnostic/remedy centers for resolving baby fitness associated problems. The Programme aims to offer intrinsic value to the maximum viable goal youngsters of India, in popular and Gujarat, in particular.

Swadhar, the Community Health Care Centre
Started in September 2012, Swadhar maintains to cater to the healthcare wishes of the locals from the 20 tribal villages surrounding SUGEN Plant (Gujarat).It is equipped to offer remedy for widespread ailments and in specialities including obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics. More than 22,000 sufferers were dealt with at SWADHAR due to the fact its inception. Various healthcare recognition periods and camps are conducted via the Centre.

Other healthcare initiatives by way of Torrent Group
A Community dispensary facility is being provided at Indrad village in Gujarat. A Doctor and a Compounder, employed by way of Torrent, visit the village every day for four hours.
Primary care to ladies and malnourished children in the urban slum populace inside the location of Sabarmati at Ahmedabad (Gujarat) is being furnished through OPD and Mobile Health Van.
Upgradation and protection of Municipal maternity domestic and ESIC health facility, Ahmedabad.
In 2001, as a part of earthquake rehabilitation, a 60-bed health facility became built in Kutch, Gujarat, to guide the sufferers.
Cleanliness and sanitation power together with recognition advent in villages surrounding SUGEN and DGEN Plants.