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    We at ‘Sterlite Copper’, speak to the Copper business of Vedanta Limited. The Copper business of Vedanta Limited (Sterlite Copper) is very much situated in the key center segment enterprises, has a solid reputation of execution.

    Sterlite Copper works a 400,000 Metric Tons Per Annum (MTPA) Copper Smelter with partners offices, for example, Refinery and Copper Rod Plant, Sulphuric Acid plant of increasingly 12,00,000 MTPA and a Phosphoric Acid of 220,000 MTPA at Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu. Sterlite Copper additionally works a 160 MW coal based power plant in Thoothkudi, Tamilnadu. Sterlite Copper has two units in Silvassa in the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli where it works two Copper Rods Plants (one in Chincpada and another in Piparia).Prime Focus territories of the Sterlite Copper:

    Solid Governance and Compliance

    Condition, Safety and Health

    Ability Pool and Technology

    CSR and Community Relations

    Capable Corporate Citizen

    Reasonable and Continued Operations with most minimal vitality, water and characteristic assets utilization.

    Reuse, Reuse and reasonable transfer of strong squanders.

    We are a Business Unit of Vedanta Limited (‘Formerly known as Sesa Sterlite Limited/Sesa Goa Limited’). Vedanta Limited was made post the Scheme of Amalgamation and Arrangement (Group Simplification Scheme) of Sterlite Industries (India) Limited, The Madras Aluminum Company Limited [MALCO], Sterlite Energy Limited [SEL] and Vedanta Aluminum Limited [VAL] with Sesa Goa Limited [SGL].

    Vision 2020 of Sterlite Copper

    To be the world’s most respected copper maker, resolved to make improved an incentive to all partners guaranteeing magnificence, advancement and supportability.

    Mission of Sterlite Copper

    Guarantee Zero Tolerance towards the infringement of security, condition and administration standards.

    Be one of the biggest single area copper maker on the planet at most reduced expense.

    Guarantee all assets for long haul sustenance

    Ceaselessly update innovation to guarantee great items and administrations to continue showcase authority and outperform client desires

    Contact and change lives of the network

    Make a working environment that regards and qualities all representatives and advances development

    Grow downstream ventures in accordance with Tamil Nadu Vision 2023

    Sterlite Copper works a 400,000 Metric Tons Per Annum (MTPA) Copper Smelter with partners offices, for example, Refinery and Copper Rod Plant, Sulphuric Acid plant of increasingly 12,00,000 MTPA and a Phosphoric Acid of 220,000 MTPA at Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu. Sterlite Copper additionally works a 160 MW coal based power plant in Thoothkudi, Tamilnadu. Sterlite Copper has two units in Silvassa in the Union Territory of Daman and Diu where it works a Refinery and two Copper Rods Plants (one in Chincpada and another in Piparia).

    Our specialty unit comprises of Copper Smelter, Refinery, Sulphuric corrosive plant, Phosphoric corrosive plant, and Copper Rod plant at Tuticorin in southern India and a Refinery and two Copper Rod plants at Silvassa in western India.

    Copper concentrates from copper mines is mixed with purchased out concentrates from different sources and treated to get ideal outcomes. The Smelter depends on a demonstrated vitality productive and condition benevolent innovation, viz. IsaProcess™ from MIM, Australia, world pioneers in Copper refining innovation.

    The ISA™ heater is a vertical shaft type heater totally fixed with unmanageable into which wet copper is accused along of quartz and limestone into the liquid shower. All the while, Copper Concentrate gets changed over into two items Matte, a blend of sulfide (containing copper and iron), and Slag (Iron Silicate). The blend of Matte and Slag is then taken to the Rotary Holding heater where the slag isolates out because of differential thickness. Matte is exchanged to Converters for further handling.

    The Copper Matte is changed over into Blister Copper in the Pierce Smith Converter in two stages.In the principal organize, called Slag Blow, a large portion of the iron and a little amount of sulfur are oxidized and expelled. In the second stage, called Copper Blow, sulfur is expelled to get Blister Copper. Converter Slag is treated in a Slag cleaning heater for recuperation of copper. Rankle Copper is additionally refined by oxidation and afterward by decrease to around 99.6% copper virtue in the Anode Furnace, and give a role as Copper Anodes. Gases created at different stages are completely recouped and changed over into Sulphuric Acid.

    Most recent Version of CS 3000 Distributed Control System of Yokogawa, Japan controls the whole Copper Smelter. Advance Process Control (APC) usage strategy includes information accumulation, inexact applicant controller structure, model controller plan, reenactment, testing, and last execution. APC is executed to control basic variables like Bath temperature and Lance stature control.

    The sulfur dioxide gases created in the purifying procedure is gathered and ducted to the Sulphuric Acid Plant. Set up with fundamental building from Kvaerner Chemetics, Canada, the plant depends on the retention procedure known as DCDA, and has a structured ability to deliver (3600) tons of sulphuric corrosive every day.

    The anode delivered by the smelters is prepared in the Silvassa and Tuticorin refineries utilizing IsaProcess™ innovation sourced from MIM, Australia. The Refineries convert Copper anodes to electrolytic review Copper cathodes of 99.99% virtue. The extraordinary component of ISA™ refineries is the utilization of lasting hardened steel cathode plates and its ability to guarantee reliably high operational proficiency and item quality. Electrolysis process stores unadulterated copper (99.99%) on the treated steel cathode plates. The polluting influences and valuable metals contained in anodes settle down as anode sludges. Cathodes are then naturally washed, stripped and pressed. The material dealing with gear is sourced from Wenmec. Consistent observing and examination of refining process through a propelled DCS framework guarantees close process control. An all around prepared research center to test the cathodes for virtue and structure of the store backs the generation office. A best in class electrolyte decontamination plant provided by Ecotech helps in keeping electrolyte clean and inside close cutoff points to get better quality item and than guarantee high operational efficiencies.

    A corrosive cleansing plant adds to the sanitization of the electrolyte, fundamentally improving the nature of the cathodes.

    Amid the electro-refining process, valuable metals like gold, silver and Selenium present in the anode settle down at the base of the cells alongside different contaminations. This accumulation is known as anode sludge and it is exposed to environmental draining for recuperation of copper – sifted, dried and stowed. The filtered ooze is sent out for recuperation of valuable metals.

    Sterlite Copper is one of two custom smelters in India and set up three consistent cast copper poles units. 2 at Silvasa and 1 at Tuticorin.The Continuous Cast Copper Rod (CCR) Plants depend on innovation and gear from ContinuusProperzi, Italy. The plants have add up to yearly limit of 240,000 tons.

    Cathodes are liquefied in a vertical shaft heater dependent on innovation from ASARCO, USA. The liquid copper is exchanged to the throwing Wheel through a holding Furnace. Profoundly exact estimation and control frameworks, characteristic for the Properzi innovation, are utilized to keep up ideal dimension of liquid metal, which is thrown into the type of a persistent bar. The persistently thrown copper bar is sustained into the moving factory comprising of a special mix of 2-roll and 3-move setup intended to deliver magnificent nature of bars in various sizes. Web based pickling, drying and waxing guarantee that the bar is free of oxide scales.

    Internet examining with the exceedingly delicate Defectomat, sourced from Dr Foster, Germany empowers opportunity from surface imperfections and ferrous defilement. The procedure parameter information, web based examining information and consequences of a battery of disconnected tests are caught and handled in the focal PC to screen and control the last nature of the poles. Broad process control, upheld by automated quality examination make Sterlite CC Rods profoundly reasonable for Telecom, magnet wire, Transformer, lodging wire and link applications.

    Copper bar is looped in an Orbital laying structure to guarantee opportunity from ensnarement while uncoiling by the clients. Each curl is compacted, lashed and wrapped with polyethylene wraps, and stretch-wrapped to counteract sullying with residue and guarantee amazing entry condition at the client’s end.

    Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd. is a subsidiary of Vedanta means plc, a diversified as well as integrated metals also mining group. The ballet company is based voguish Mumbai, India. scheduled 31 protest march 2013, the company’s sell capitalisation was INR 31,490 crores (US$ 5.79 billion).

    Now (March-April 2018) nearby is a expansive reach of protests hostile to the ballet company in the function of nearby was open drape of disease surrounded by the resident communities for instance the conscientiousness spoils the soil as well as stream wherewithal modish Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu.

    Modish September 2013, SESA Goa, Sterlite Industries along with Vedanta Aluminium merged headed for custom Sesa Sterlite Limited.